Funkykids is a brand of cool and comfortable clothes for children, with a strong identity, fascinating color combinations and daring cuts.

Clothes should be DISTRACTIVE and less complicated. They are the ones who should give us VESELIE. In order to provide these conditions, the FunkyKids team creates children's clothes that are not only comfortable but also very cool. The tailor is a daring one, and the models are varied, but keeping the fingerprint and identity of the Funkykids brand. Extremely soft to the touch, most FunkyKids are made from 100% organic cotton and cotton.

The company was founded in 2013, being the result of the personal experience of the two mothers who deal with the choice of material until creation. Each product is designed as for its own child. The measures range from 1 year to 14 years.

Because most items are unisex, they can be reused, and siblings and sisters can share the same wardrobe. All the articles are produced in Romania and are created with much love.

Our company also distributes its own brand. For the distribution offer, please write to us at

SC Online Funky Kids S.R.L. is the operator of the site and manufacturer of children's clothing and accessories.

3fnky kids, is a Romanian brand of children's clothes, which tells the story of a fantastic world that children create through their passions, their joy and their dreams! Our products are funky, cool and very comfortable. For us, the comfort and safety of our children are the most important things, and our goal is to create products as responsibly as possible.
We love nature and we know it is our responsibility to protect it. All our products are made with LOVE and are made in Romania!
Age category: 2-14 years.